Frank Nieuwland (1955) started painting at the age of 42 as occupation during the summer holidays. But what started as a hobby rapidly became more important to him.

Having worked abroad for several years and due to his continuous contact with foreigners he gradually became inspired by the Dutch landscape with it's wide horizon, high skies, the sea, beaches and dunes and of course the polders. Little by little the Dutch landscape became the main theme of his paintings. Furthermore and in the tradition of the "Haagse School", his color palette contains a high degree of grey and the light plays an important role in his paintings.

Frank participated on several expositions:

     2003 Hazerswoude-Rijndijk

     2004 Oegstgeest (Group exposition)

     2005 Warmond   (Galerie de Pomp)

     2005 Pijnacker   (Galerie KIP)

     2005 Oegstgeest   (Rijnlandse Boekhandel)

     2006 Delft  (Galerie Marry)

     2006 Warmond (Galerie de Pomp)

     2006 Rijswijk  (Art Event)

     2007 Delft (de Zorghalte, Broerhuistraat 34, Delft)

     2007 Rotterdam  (Galerie Kunst aan de Kade)

     2007 Rotterdam  (Art Event)

     2007 Oegstgeest  (Dependance Groene Kerkje, June  - Aug 2007)

     2007 Den Haag (Bronovo ziekenhuis, July - Oct 2007)

     2008 Sassenheim (de Schutse, March - May)

     2008 Leiderdorp (Rijnland ziekenhuis, July - August)

Please enjoy the pictures on this site which are a summary of his work.